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Range Rover TPMS Module and Autel TPMS Sensors

Le 9 December 2018, 08:22 dans Humeurs 0


The car has a tire pressure monitoring system (Autel TPMS Sensors) and 5 sensors (4 wheels + spare). In October, messages about pressure testing in all tires began to appear on the dashboard with the indicator on fire, then these messages disappeared and the indicator went out. Reading errors through SDD did not give a result (no errors). The system is extremely simple 4 antennas and 1 unit (located in the rear right sidewall). Having called the antenna to break the short circuit, I found out that everything is fine with them. The block itself remained in question. After conducting a study (a series of tests to check the performance), it turned out that the unit responds to a decrease in pressure in the wheels but forgets these values. After opening the unit, he discovered that he turned green, cleaned it, put it in its place … the module’s working capacity did not return.


here is the TPMS module




Decided to buy a new module. Winter came to the car set new wheels with new sensors.

Autel Universal Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors
Searching on the Internet and buy a module 5WK4 7594 ( NNW502305 )
replacement (new unit at the top)
Changed new module in places, diagnosed using SDD (read module, initialized new unit). When the unit was initialized, the program asked either to enter the 8-digit codes of all 5 wheels or drive for 15 minutes and then install the spare wheel instead of standing on the car. For me it seemed difficult, so I started the auto display, there are no messages, I was glad and went home. After 15 minutes of movement, a system failure message popped up, after reading the errors, found that there was no response from all 4 new AUTEL MX-sensors. It turns out the sensors are sold asleep and are programmed for a specific make model and year of the car at atmospheric pressure (if installed on the car, it should be lowered). It is necessary to find a person with a device for programming or buy a Autel MaxiTPMS pad to program by yourself.
spare wheel

and dropping an error module TPMS went home with the confidence that I would have to plug in a computer and prescribe sensor numbers manually, since I did not want to engage in shamanism with a spare wheel. BUT … a miracle happened and the system picked up all the sensors and after 40 minutes the system did not fail. Now on the tidy does not annoy me amber flat tire icon.

Disclaimer: The tutorial was translated from Russian. You are at your risk.

How to Use CGDI MB Program Keys for Benz W212 All Key Lost

Le 9 December 2018, 07:03 dans Humeurs 0


CGDI MB Programmer is one of the best Benz key programmer,it can program Benz key faster than other devices.Here OBD2TOOL want to share this CGDI MB programmer test report on all keys lost programming for Mercedes Benz W212.

Connect CGDI MB Prog to W212 OBD port,run software and select “EIS”–>”Read EIS Data”


Select “Compute Password”–>”Copy key without key”,and it mean all key lost programming

Then click “Collect Data”


Follow the instruction to insert the simulation key into the EIS in 30 seconds…


Now it starting collecting data,it will take a long time,please don’t disconnect the device



After the collecting progress completing,save the file with the default name.


It prompt “Save the file successfully.Please upload the data to calculate password”

Now,click “Upload Data” to upload the data file you save just now


Upload data successfully,please click the [Query Result] button to query


Click “Query Result”


Calculate password successfully


Click “Copy” button to copy the password

Select “EIS” menu,then click ”Paste” to paste key password


Save EIS data with default file name

Select “Generate EE”–>click “Load EIS File” to check EIS data information


Then click “Generate Key File”


It prompt you “The key file was generated successfully”


Now select “Read/Write Key”


Insert the new key into the CGDI MB automotive key programmer


Tick “Infrared”,then click “Read Key/Chip”

Click “Reset” button to erase key


Click “Open/Write” button

Please Note:Smart key please choose 41 format,common key and BE key please choose 51 format!When writing the original key,please make sure that it is wiped by the Auto Key Programmer CGMB,otherwise the write will fail!

Click “OK” to continue


Now select a unused key file

Write success

Now you can click “Read EIS Data” again to check the position key 2 is used,and if your key work correctly,it mean your programming is successful.



how to install the Autel MaxiSys MS908P Printer Driver

Le 27 November 2018, 12:34 dans Humeurs 0

Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P Wireless printing may be tough to get your head about since it requires your MaxiSys to communicate together with your Computer via a network. This sounds a lot more difficult than it truly is.

Difficulty: Average. Expertise of installing a conventional printer is going to be a bonus.

Time: 10 – 20 mins primarily based on online connection and updates.

What to prepare:

* An active Internet connection on your Computer.
* A Wireless Network – like a broadband router.
* A Windows Primarily based Computer with full administrative Rights (be capable of run programs in administrative mode)
* To make certain the Pc is connected towards the network either wirelessly by way of Ethernet.
* Your Computer to possess Adobe Reader installed.
* The MaxiSys Pc Suite CD (positioned inside the box).

Firstly, possess a appear in the following diagram:


So how does this diagram operate? Initial you need to set up the MaxiSys Print Driver in your Pc. Then you definitely connect your MaxiSys towards the identical network. Then, after you send a Print command from your MaxiSys, the MaxiSys will search the network for PCs that have the print driver installed. The MaxiSys (through being connected towards the similar network as your Computer) sends the information for the Computer, which in turn prints the data. Consequently, all the following have to be connected for the Exact same network and turned on;

* Your MaxiSys Tablet
* Your Pc
* Your Printer

After you have carried out this, stick to the measures below to set up the Print Driver on your Pc.

* Spot the Maxisys Pc Suite CD into your CD Drive. The software program might load automatically, but if not, Click Commence and after that My Laptop.
* You’ll want to now see a Orange Folder listed exactly where your CD drive usually is; this really is the Autel application CD. Double click to open this up. Inside this folder you must see an icon calledAutorun.exe. Click This. The welcome screen of the Computer suite really should now boot
* Around the Pc Suite screen, pick which Bluetooth Interface you’ve got (at time of going to publish, just about all UK users may have the black Bluetooth VCI unit, displayed on the appropriate) by clicking The installation will now begin.
* During installation you may be prompted to Set up Drivers or if you have a firewall, to let the computer software particular security preferences. This can be since the computer software is communicating together with your network. You need to accept these preferences or the computer software is going to be blocked and printing won’t work.
* As soon as installation has finished, you will need to open the MaxiSys Printer. To perform this click Startthen All Applications. Now scroll by means of your applications till you come across MaxiSys Computer Suite. Inside this folder you’ll discover MaxiSys Printer. Click on this Item.
* The Printer Driver will open and you will see a printer icon within the bottom suitable of your Computer, next towards the Time and Date. The Printer Driver is now installed.
* You might be prompted to execute an update (for example in the demonstration video above), in that case its a great concept to help keep the software program up to date. Bear in mind to constantly permit firewall preferences or new Autel drivers to become installed.

For those who have performed all the actions above and are nevertheless having issues, check the following:

* Does your Computer have an active world-wide-web connection?
* Does your Pc have complete administrative rights?
* Does yourMaxiSys have an active online connection? Are you able to load a web page in the tablets internet browser?
* Will be the MaxiSys printer icon loaded? Verify that the icon is being displayed in your system tray, next towards the Date and Time.
* Did you permit the right settings on your Firewall/Anti-virus if prompted?
* Do you’ve got Adobe Reader installed? Click hereto download the and install the latest version.

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