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Xtool X100 Pad2 Program Dodge Dart 2013 Fobik Key

Le 6 septembre 2018, 08:56 dans Humeurs 0

Success! Program fobik to Dodge Dart 2013 up using Xtool X100 Pad2 pro key programmer.

Connect X-100 PAD2 with vehicle

Turn ignition switch to ON position

Select Immobilizer function->Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge-> Proximity/Fobik (RFH) ->Dodge->Dart 2013- >Program keys



Turn on hazard light and turn ignition off

Select Fobik

Select Program Keys


Place a new Fobik into ignition. Ignition switch must be in the “LOCK” or “OFF” position


Xtool X100 pad2 requires to enter 4-digit pin code to access


Programming fobik in progress

Programming success


Test the new fobik




Lonsdor K518ISE Abnormal Display After Upgrade Solution

Le 3 août 2018, 04:09 dans Humeurs 0

Here’s the working solution to Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer abnormal display after upgrade.

Problem: Click “Immobilizer” button after updating the device, it skips to below interface:



Step 1: After rebooting the device, please press and hold the setting and return buttons(in below red box) simultaneously for few seconds..


Step 2: The following interface appears, please click “uninstall APK” button in the red box, and wait for few seconds.


Step 3: It skips to below interface, please click “OK” to continue.


Step 4: The following interface appears, please click the button in the red box to install factory-set/default APK.


Step 5: Please wait for about half a minute. The factory-set APK is installed and initiates automatically. Then input the password on boot, and click “OK”. It skips to below interface, click “update” in the red box. Remember to reboot the Auto Key Programmer Lonsdor K518 after updating. You can use it normally now.


How to resolve VCDS 17.8 stopped working the problem?

Le 8 juillet 2018, 09:56 dans Humeurs 0

vcds 17.8 stopped working error appeared in vcds vag com original plan VCDS Spanish, Germany, French version, except VCDS English vag com cable. Under OBD2TOOL share vcds 17.8 the solution for customer reference stopped working.

VCDS 17.8 Stopped error display:


VAG COM 17.8 can not running solution vcds 17.8 the OBD2TOOL solution stopped working

How to resolve VCDS 17.8 stopped working the problem?
The technician of OBD2TOOL suggests the client to change the system time to several months ago, to restart the VAG Diagnostic Tool software

OBD2TOOL Kindly note: we do not offer after sales for the product of other suppliers, we need help, please keep your order number in OBD2TOOL ask for help. Thank you.

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