The CANdi (Controller Area Network Diagnostic Interface) is really an in-line cable module that works with current Auto Scanner Tools Tech two elements including the VCI, cables and adapters.

CANdi module is completely compatible with present and earlier Tech two application. The module powers up inside of a way which makes it clear to your user. This allows the prevailing Tech two computer software for use without having modifications if the CANdi module is installed. If a automobile calls for the use of a CANdi module, the Tech two will empower characteristics unique to the module

Supports simultaneous communications on 3 CAN buses
Delivers high-speed UART communications while using the Tech two
one) Link CANdi interface for the car via twelve PIN ALDL connector
two) Run and complete all GM Tech 2 stand-alone self-test. Disconnect CANdi interface when operate Tech2 scan tool self take a look at.
three) Run VCI self test. When the VCI self-test fails, swap VCI module. Disconnect CANdi interface when operate VCI self test
4) Link the CANdi module to an current VCI module through DLC cable, and join VCI module with auto. Be sure there is good link involving scanner and automobile. Validate which the LED within the CANdi module is flashing.
5) Right after nicely connected with car or truck and Tech2 main device, electricity up the GM Tech2 scan software, the scanner is flashing. Computer software update method will screen over the display screen.
6) Search to “Tool Options” menu, pick “F9 CANdi Diagnostics” selection while in the purpose listing.
7) Two selections offered below CANdi Diagnostics menu: Submit Exam and Self Take a look at
8) Initial operate a Publish Exam, right here would be the Article Success figure. The CANdi Post result's utilized to ascertain in the event the module has any problems through the application up grade or start-up sequence.
9) Then operate Self Exam, listed here is definitely the CANdi Self Test Outcomes determine

Potentially the most important style and design change is exactly where the cables attach to your Heavy Responsibility Diagnostic Applications USB Hyperlink two. The first NEXIQ USB Link 2 utilised a normal 15-pin connector, and everyday living was very good. There have been lots of aftermarket cables readily available, all of which sold for underneath $40. This included alternative 6/9 pin cables, OBDII cables, Volvo 8-pin & 14-pin, Cummins 3-pin, and many more. Along with the new adapter, Nexiq has changed to a 26-pin connector as shown below.